Lithic Fabric, surface that can be curved in any direction.


MATERIAL: Marble of Apricena ‘Serpeggiante’

RETAILER: Stilmarmo – Apricena (FG)

Lithic Fabric is a stone or marble surface divided into tiles like a mosaic mutually linked by a continuous steel cable according to a triangular texture positioned inside the tiles. This creates a stone-based material capable of being able to bend and bend in all directions. The idea is to be able to ‘cover’ any building with a complex shape with marble (like ivy). The marble tiles become leaves to protect the large glazed spaces of the buildings from the sun. The size of the surface can be infinitely large as it is made up of modular elements.

Cnc design

We specialize in providing bespoke professional consultancy services and support in the management and use of CAD/CAM software as well as numerical controlled machines to businesses in the marble sector. The distinctive feature is represented by the three different phases the services can be provided, which are distinct despite being interlinked and can be implemented either independently or in succession:

  • relief stage with 3D laser instrumentation;
  • data processing and creation of three dimensional models;
  • conversion of model in file for production of prototype and/or finished product using numerical controlled machines.

It is the definition of the elements necessary to graphically represent an object, an architecture or a piece of territory. As this procedure is aimed at the actual manufactured piece, it takes on a master role in the framework of projects of conservation and promotion of the architectural property.

The three-dimensional model is a process aimed at defining a 3D form in a virtual space. The form creation process can be model free or have an architectural relief as a base.

The produced 3D model, can be the object of a rapid prototype or of a finished product created via numerical controlled machines.

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